BLADOR innovation solves the biggest problems we face when shaving.

We know that a deep cleaning of the blades deals with the dirt that has accumulated, which is unpleasant and it can affect your health.


Bring BLADOR innovation into your life

BLADOR is designed to keep your razors clean, like new, even after too many uses. The special formula with cleaning action removes all the hairs from the blades, cleans the blades and this way you make sure that your shave is safe since it keeps all the germs away.


After each shave, rinse the razor with water and keep it in BLADOR. Before shaving, take the razor out of the BLADOR and rinse it. After 30 days, use a new BLADOR.


For battery shavers (fully waterproof - for use underwater) put the machine directly in the BLADOR cleaner-disinfectant liquid and turn on the engine (PRESS ON) for 30". Take out the machine, rinse it with water, dry and the machine is ready for use.

For battery shavers that are not waterproof, remove the parts from the head, and immerse them in the BLADOR cleaner - disinfectant liquid for 1-2 min. After taking them out, rinse them with water, dry and the machine is ready for use.

Water, Non-ionic phosphate surfactants <5%, Sodim metasilicate potassium hydroxide pentahydrate, Color, Fragrance

Keep out of reach of children. Contains aromatic substances. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water.


Why choose BLADOR?


Now we know where our razor stands

Now we know where our razor stands

Due to the limited time that we have nowadays, we sometimes leave the razor that we have already used in the same place (drawer, ..) with the new razors. When we need to shave again, it is very difficult to identify which razor is new and which is used. Usually, if we detect one of five that are used but we do not remember how many times we have used it, we decide to throw the used one and take a new one.

So we throw away the razor that could cut well even after two or three shavings.


We save energy

We save energy

During shaving, we use hot water to cleanse the razor from foam and hair more easily. If we do not use hot water, a lot of dirt is accumulated on the blades, so we throw it away.

With blador, no hot water is required during shaving.


We save water

How we save water.

After research, during shaving most of us leave the tap on for a long time until the hot water comes to get rid of hairs, body cells, foam, cream, etc.

Indicatively, for 10-minutes open water supply we consume 12lt of water, for 20 minutes 24lt of water, and so on.

By immersing the razor in the blador, we have 100% cleaning without the need for strong hits on the sink and plenty of water consumption.


We save money

We save money.

Research turned out that most of us shave on average 120 times using 52 razors per year.

With blador, you save money because we no longer throw razors that still work/cut like before.


The razor lasts at least 15 times longer

The razor lasts at least 15 times longer.

The usual way of shaving is to use foam, hot water, and a razor with 1 to 5 blades. During shaving, we rinse the razor blade and hit it in the washbasin to clean it of foam and hairs.

However, our razor is not completely clean either from visible or invisible dirt. In addition, from the very first hit in the washbasin, we see dulled blades.

Using blador, the visible and invisible dirt no longer poses a danger to our health since by keeping our razor in the blador we are always sure that it is completely safe and clean. In addition, a blow to the washbasin that spoils the blades is no longer required because of the special formula of blador:

  1. cleans the blades
  2. fills the gaps that pre-exist on the metal.

Protects against oxidation


We usually leave our razors either in the drawer or in the bathroom with their plastic headcover. The headcover is not airtight and combined with the razor sponge, a large amount of moisture remains on the blades. This combined with the oxygen in the atmosphere causes oxidation of the blade.

Because the razor remains immersed in blador’s special formula and is not exposed to atmospheric oxygen, it does not cause oxidation.


Protects against fungi, bacteria, and viruses

Protection from fungi, bacteria, and viruses

Our reused razors have remnants of somatic cells and hairs. In addition, the moisture on the razor grows bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Using blador, it is impossible for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to survive and grow on our razor.


Environmental footprint

Environmental footprint.

The razors are made of materials, especially the handle that is not recycled. If we assume based on the above that we need 52 razors/year, now we need 12 razors and 12 blador per year, which of course are recyclable.

Therefore, a 77% saving on the waste that is not recycled.

Notice: blador consists of 100% recyclable packaging materials.


Blador cleans the razor from the hairs

How does blador remove hair from the razor?

Razors consist of one to five blades and the gap between the blades is too small. Using foam, shaving gel and the special sponge soaked with razor coated gel, along with cut hairs and body cells; they create a plating type clutch (plaster) which is very difficult to be removed by rinsing.

The special formula of blador dissolves chemical foam, cream, and body cells so that the hairs of the razor are detached and subsided on the bottom of the container.